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Solar Jhatka Machine Suppliers

Solar Jhatka Machine Suppliers are the most sought system for shielding premises whether it's Agriculture, Security or High-security applications. Requirement for Solar Jhatka Machine fencing with Solar backup multiplied within the last few years mainly due to awareness and affordable Indian brands availability.

Because of advanced technology, touching any grass to measure the wire of Shree Krushi Enterprises fencing doesn't discharge the Battery. Same way, breaking live wires or short circuits doesn't discharge the Battery. it's the One and Only Solar Jhatka Machine Supplier which works even in heavy rain. Farmers don't get to charge the battery by electric charging in the dark thanks to different technology.


  • Extra power function are often avoid rustling animals.
  • Automatic and manual function: Automatic starts in the dark and off at the morning Power management system Provide long Battery life-period
  • Live And Return wire system
  • All sort of indication can give all information of Fence energizer’s status
  • 1 to 500 acres of various sorts of models for agriculture.
  • All quite Information and services are provided through the company's top-level technical experts.
  • Running from 100% sunlight, doesn't need electricity.
  • It gives short, sharp and painful shock but there's not physical harm to the person and animal.

Extensive Reliability & Protections

  • Reverse polarity
  • Load overload
  • Reverse current
  • Over temperature
  • Over discharging/ charging; Load short
  • PV input and output overload

Solar Jhatka Machine Suppliers
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